Comment on any item 💬
You can now comment on any check-in answer, agenda item or next step.
This makes it easy to provide instant feedback or ask a question on any content shared in Popwork.
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Other exciting new features will come soon. If you want to know more, check our product roadmap.
The Popwork team 🤟
Three-steps workflow for your 1:1 meetings 🤩
We're launching one of the most exciting changes we've pushed to date: a new Popwork workflow for one-to-one meetings.
We’ve heard your feedback and decided to design a new workflow and workspace to make one-to-one meetings better prepared, more focused and more efficient than ever. With one key design principle: simplicity.
To drive great one-to-one meetings, simply follow Popwork's new three-steps workflow:
  1. Check-in: team members answer questions before the meeting (no change here)
  2. Agenda: managers receive a suggested agenda for the discussion and can edit it
  3. Next steps: managers and teams are invited to define next steps after the meeting
To support this new workflow, the Popwork workspace has also been redesigned in a single feed for more clarity and guidance.
We believe that these are major improvements so we would love to hear your feedback!
If you need any help, reach out in the chat or check the dedicated section in the help center. If you are curious about what we’re building next, check our product roadmap.
The Popwork team 🤟
Checking in outside of schedule ⚡
“Oh ****, it’s too late to complete my check-in!” or “Let’s do our 1-1 tomorrow instead of Friday, can you share your check-in?”
Sounds familiar? It’s not a dead end anymore.
Managers can now send a check-in request outside of 1-1 schedule! Simply go to your team member’s profile and press
Send check-in now
It should prove useful when a check-in window is missed or whenever you decide to move a 1-to-1 meeting ;)
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If you are curious about what we’re building next, check our product roadmap.
The Popwork team 🤟
Check-in templates 🎁
We’re starting to roll out this month something we’ve been working on for quite a while: check-in templates!
Templates will enable you to choose the check-in rituals that best fit your team.
To start with, we’re adding a monthly step-back template to help you reflect on the past month and plan for the next one.
This can be a great complement to the weekly check-ins you’re already using.
Ping us now in the chat if you like to try it with your team!
Instant access to past answers 💡
If you often have the blank sheet syndrome when checking in, you will love this new feature!
It’s now easy to access past answers while checking in. For instance, scan your past priorities when answering the achievements question.
Browse your historic answers right from your check-in screen, only one click needed. If you feel you need to access your entire workspace during your check-in, just click on the new quick access link.
Give it a try in your next check-in! We would love to hear your feedback.
Thumbmail access historic answers
In the process, we also fixed a bug which was preventing some users to open inline pictures properly.
If you are curious about what we’re building next, check our product roadmap.
The Popwork team 🤟
Improved check-in experience ⚡
One of the things team members love most about Popwork is how simple it is to check in with their manager.
We didn’t take it for granted and are now bringing the check-in user experience to the next level!
When completing your check-in you can now:
  • 👀
    Be more focused
    on the question itself and on your answer
  • Navigate faster
    thanks to shortcuts and scroll navigation
  • 👌
    Review more easily your answers
    before sharing
Please try it yourself! We would love to hear your feedback.
Thumbmail new check-in
Some further improvements are coming very soon, including easy access to historic answers while checking in.
More details about Popwork's product roadmap.
The Popwork team 🤟
Get your team onboard in a snap ✨
As the number of new teams using Popwork keeps growing, we felt we had to refresh the way managers get started with Popwork.
Now, you can get your team onboard autonomously in a few minutes following a 3-steps onboarding process.
You should also feel more supported along the way as we have added contextual guidance and explanations.
Thumbmail onboarding@2x
For instance, you are now offered to preview a check-in or get answers to the most frequent questions while onboarding your team.
We’ll keep improving this first step of the Popwork journey on a continuous basis so we would love to hear your feedback in the chat!
The Popwork team 🤟
Instant feedback on check-in answers 💬
Check-in answers are conversation starters.
You can now comment and react to any check-in answers in a single click. It becomes easier to give instantaneous feedback and prepare your 1:1 conversations.
Instant feedback on check-in answers
Instant feedback combined with Threads will enable you to easily bounce back and follow up on check-ins and 1:1 meetings.
The Popwork team 🤟
Bookmark important items ⭐
Bookmark important items
Keeping an eye on important items should be simple.
This is why you can now bookmark important Threads in order to always have access to the things that matter.
The Popwork team 🤟
Follow up with threads 🔥
Preparing and following up on one-to-one conversations can be time-consuming and complex. It should be simple and fast when using Popwork.
We are super excited to introduce Threads and Templates
  • Using Templates, it becomes easy to create an agenda or to take note of next steps.
  • Threads make commenting, answering or following up straight forward.
Follow up with threads
In the process, we also solved an annoying bug which was crashing the app when copying content from one note to another.
We want to make Threads and Templates a powerful tool for you: share your feedback and ideas with us!
The Popwork team 🤟
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