Access history and invite new managers 🏄
User management
Hey folks - this week, we released two new features you might like!
Access history with former relationships
In real life, teams change very often - be it a new manager or a team member leaving the team.
As a user you can now have direct access to your history of interactions with your former relationships.
Archived users
These can be accessed from one button click in your left menu “Archived relationships”.
Admins can now create a team for manager not yet on Popwork
For a few weeks now admins can create teams but this was restricted to existing users of the account. Now, as account admin you can invite new users to join Popwork with their team.
Invite new manager
This can be accessed from Settings > Teams > Create Team.
Other improvements:
  • Fixed issue with drop down in My teams dashboard
  • Insights now saving when the check-in is completed and not when the question is answered (not retroactive)
  • Fixed wrong answer classification at the start of the month (not retroactive)
  • Fixed link enabling to land on the right workspace from a comment email notification
If you like to know what we’re building next, check our product roadmap.
The Popwork team 🤟