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Team managers happen to change, whether it’s for a temporary leave or for a permanent move like a reorganisation, a promotion or a departure. Now, these changes can be handled directly by the account admin(s) from the team settings.
Change manager
Former managers and team members will keep access to their Popwork history through the new ‘Archived relationships’ menu. The new manager will inherit the team settings, the historic mood and workload insights but will not have access to the past interactions between the former manager and their team members.
If the new manager is a current member of the team, they will be removed as a team member and assigned as a manager.
Other improvements:
  • Fixed a display issue in team members insight summary table
  • Fixed a display issue in archived relationships when team members were removed and then added back
  • Fixed issue with paywall not displaying although trial had expired
  • Fixed issue preventing customer to subscribe again after a subscription was cancelled
If you like to know what we’re building next, check our product roadmap.
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