In-app subscription & invoices, and a lot more 🧾
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In-app subscription & invoices 🧾
Another step towards simplifying the life of our users and Popwork account admins in particular: a proper billing interface within Popwork!
Select plan in-app
Now, account admins can:
  • Subscribe in-app and choose the plan that suits them best
  • Check out easily adding their payment method (credit card or SEPA) in a few clicks thanks to Stripe
  • Edit billing information at any time (address, contact, VAT, …)
  • Retrieve invoices in-app
Please note the following:
  • We will be rolling this out progressively to all accounts in the coming days
  • Previous invoices (before summer 2022) will not be available in the new customer portal but can be requested through the chat
Relative weight of mood answers 📊
Small but useful addition on the ‘most selected answers’ chart: you can now see the proportion of every answer in percentage - on top of the absolute number of selections.
This will help you gauge the relative importance of a trend, in particular if you manage a large organization.
Most selected answer tags
Moreover, the team did two other improvements on insight charts:
  • Added a “-” mark when there is no recorded answers for a specific month
  • Fixed a display issue of the workload chart when the answer is 0% satisfied
Other improvements:
  • Improved the mood question to make the wording vary dynamically with the user’s check-in frequency (eg. How were the past two weeks?)
  • Made the objective status question mandatory again in the check-in (for team members with objectives)
  • Fixed a text editing bug in the check-in: an empty block was being wrongfully added to the answer when an item was added from historical suggestions
  • Fixed issue with confirmation modal preventing managers from deleting a question when customizing the check-in for their team
If you like to know what we’re building next, check our product roadmap.
The Popwork team 🤟