Customize the check-in questions for your team! 🧑‍🎨
Hi guys,
Really happy to launch a major new feature on Popwork today: managers can now customize the check-in questions for their teams! 🧑‍🎨
Adapting the Popwork template ⚙️
If you feel the Popwork template is the right one for your team but simply want to rephrase the way questions are asked to make them more personal or suited to your team, this is now possible.
To do so, go into
Settings > Rituals
and select the
“1:1 check-in” ritual
. You can now click on any question - except the mood and workload questions - to edit the way the question is asked.
Make your changes, save them, check what the resulting check-in looks like and you’re done. The next check-ins for your team will be your own custom version.
Adding and deleting questions 🙋
It’s possible to go further into the customization of check-ins for your team and to choose to add and delete questions. The only questions that cannot be removed are the mood questions. This is because we believe no check-in or 1:1 conversation can be successful without these.
To add questions to your check-in template, simply go to
Settings > Rituals
and select the
“1:1 check-in” ritual
. To write a new question, click on the
“Add question”
button and write your question.
In the
Advanced options
, you have the possibility to add a
placeholder text
if you want the answer text field to be pre-populated with content.
Furthermore, you also have the option to apply a
"once a month"
frequency to questions. These questions will only be asked in the first week of the month. Note that if the check-in of the first week of the month is missed, this once-a-month question will be asked again in the following check-ins until answered.
Finally, if you wish to delete a question, simply click on the question and then on the
Delete button
Other improvements:
  • Adapted the manager dashboard to reflect the change in the mood question (mood every week and workload once a month) with the deprecation of the satisfaction metric
  • Fixed generation of first check-in after adding a new team member from Settings
  • Fixed the bell notification which was displayed on team members even when there were no check-in to complete soon
  • Fixed the last priorities suggestions during the check-in which were showing last achievements instead
  • Fixed broken link in the Priorities question’s helper
  • Fixed name display in profile menu which was causing accessibility issues for long names
  • Fixed scroll bar UI
If you like to know what we’re building next, check our product roadmap.
The Popwork team 🤟